Custom Vans Sk8Hi HF10-001 by HUSH

Shoe customizer HUSH has been quiet recently but has come back yelling his lungs out with this pair of custom Vans Sk8 Hi titled: HF10-001.I can’t emphasize enough how crazy it has been seeing the hobby of custom shoes grow from a handful of guys in 2000 to people all over the world customizing in 2010. Now imagine if out of the blue say a shoe customizer had released these in say 2002? The reaction would have been insane. Though honestly I can say the reaction now is pretty much the same. Ripstop and suede panels were added along with the HUSH logo on the tongue but the killer is the zipper on the heel. Oh did I mention they were completely HAND STITCHED with an awl. Get THE F Outta here! I forgot this too….um color blocking, colorway placement, whatever you call it is PERFECT, just enough red in the right spots.

He even took pics of the whole decon-recon process to put any doubters to rest that can be seen via his blog here: HUSH Fabrications

P.S. I’m sorry if you do not understand the excitement I find in this pair of custom shoes.