Swaves: Canadian Tap Dance Shoes

Oh Canada!…I’ve never been but would love to visit a bunch of places in that part of North America. Incredibly steady handed customizer Swaves recently finished these Miller and Ben brand tap shoes for a fellow tap dancer. Honestly I have never seen a dancer wear anything but a black or white shoe. Imagine seeing these red and white numbers witht the maple leaf flailing all over the floor in a rapid blur. This pair is a great solid design. First ever custom tap shoes?….Honestly I’m sure that solid colors have been done over the years but they probably can not compare to these.

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Interview with Slip-Offs Shoe Customizer Shauna

Hooray! The first interview for PaintorThread is now complete. Honestly we are just so greatful someone that has had so much success customizing has given her time to answer our questions. Let me type no more: Here is our questions and answers with customizer Shauna from her brand Slip-Offs:

State your name, age, where you are from and or grew up?

My name is Shauna Mae Luedtke, I am 24 years old and was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

What if any art based education have you had?

I went through the visual communications program at the Alberta College of Art & Design and graduated with my bachelor of design.

When did you start and what got you into customizing?

It was originally my boyfriend’s idea.  He asked me to paint something on his plain vans, and from there people just saw his and wanted their own.  Eventually I had a large enough portfolio of shoes to make my own website.

Is customizing a full time gig? If not what pays the bills?

Nope, I work full time as a Graphic Designer at a rad advertising & design firm “Trigger”.