Double-Double Hiker by Revive Customs


The world of sneaker customization has seen a good number of people give their shot at altering a pair of sneakers in the past couple years. While it is hard to really compare the skills necessary for certain types of customizing there is no doubt what we see here can be categorized at expert level. Widely know as one of the top customizers Evan of Revive Customs continues to raise the bar.

What Revive achieved here is a fully fabricated by hand hiking boot that combines a variety of imagery from his home country of Canada. Not your typical looking boot these take many cues of design from streetwear style footwear that started with a generic hiking boot sole. Starting with a scotch-grain black leather that wraps around the toes to the heels. A first subtle Canadian addition is the cut out silhouette of a maple leaf at the front of the laces. The most eye catching aspect is a toss up between the money print and the tongue patches. The print is a coupon currency used by retailer Canadian Tire that Revive added the face of rapper Drake (He is Canadian, duh!) to replace the typical face of Sandy McTire. While the tongue tags courtesy of Herbjuice are a play on a vintage Tim Hortons’ Canadian coffee shop sign. Last accents of nylon webbing for the lace and tongue loop and a soft gray nubuck liner complete the 1 of 1 design.

They are titled, “Double Double” after a common Canadian term for how one likes their coffee, with two teaspoons of sugar and two creams of which is common at the aforementioned Tim Hortons. Anyone interested in owning this pair may inquire at ARTGASM.NYC or to see more work from Revive visit Instagram: @ReviveCustoms

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