SOLElites Custom Light Up Shoes by A.J Catalano ON SALE

One of the most popular posts ever on has been Tron Legacy & Daft Punk Helmet Lighting Designer’s SOLElites Custom Shoes. That designer’s name is A.J. Catalano and ever since we featured our interview with him about his SOLElites light up shoe customization service back in late 2010 they have been all over the Internet. Another place you may have seen the actual SOLElites was on the feet of the Black Eyed Peas’ in a slew of performances. Over time Catalano has had to raise the price of the SOLElites due to the effort and work that goes into each pair. If you’ve been wanting a pair now is the time.

For a short period the SOLElite customization is being offered at a discounted price. You can order a simple pair of Converse All Stars or send in your shoes to be customized. Order them here: and be sure to let A.J. know you found out about them on

This pair is actually a StarCraft II inspired Nike Dunk customization by Diversitile whose owner had the SOLElites added for the ultimate customization.

The perfect accessory to any Daft Punk helmet and costume.