Shoe Customizer Decisions: Help PunkYourChucks Fund His Trip to Japan

This mini edition of Shoe Customizer Decisions gives an example of creative marketing. One of the latest crazy phenomenas of the Internet are these startup funding websites that allow you to post or present an idea that you’d like to raise money for. They are very common in technology circles or business ventures for people looking to find help all over the world to fund their business. There are even sites strictly for entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries looking for a little bit of money to start what seems like a simple business to people like us but a huge accomplishment for them in their situations. It is best to have a good reason, but opportunities like this are a great example of creative ways to expose your custom shoes.

In my research last week I came across New York City based shoe customizer Mag of Punk Your Chucks and his venture to fund a trip to Japan for a shoe customizing adventure. Interesting for sure….each dollar amount funded fits into certain levels where you will receive something for your money so it is not neccessarily looking for a free handout. Its simply using another avenue of the Internet to gain exposure. Check back in 100 or so days to see if Mag reaches his goal.

Checkout the venture here: Punk Your Chucks – Tokyo or Bust! on