Rhionna Widener: Tattoo Artist Creating Custom Shoes To Survive

How often do you encounter someone working to truly survive? Not very often but that does not mean people are not out there in dire situations. Nor do you come across someone with true artistic freehand drawing and painting skills. Rhionna Widener fits both: working to survive and great artistic ability. Widener, a tattoo artist recently diagnosed with Brittle Diabetes is currently in stage two kidney failure leaving her unable to work due to dangerous levels of blood sugar and ketones in her blood stream. This has effected her vision making it quite difficult some days to see clearly leaving her practically unable to work in the tattoo industry. Without work she is unable to collect health insurance. By not ignoring her abilities she has turned to making custom shoes, mostly canvas slip on types, to help pay for daily needs: food, medication, and medical bills.

Widener’s prices are relatively low considering the outcome of some of the designs. So if you were in the market for a pair of custom shoes give Rhionna an email and see if she can create what you might have in mind.

Rhionna’s Contact Info

email: [email protected] / [email protected]
Google Messenger: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: sylvadine
Twitter: sylvadine

Stay up to date with Rhionna’s custom shoes via her Tumblr