“Predator and Prey” Custom Nike Dunks by Swaves

This custom sneaker concept by Swaves is extremely minimal but at the same time very detailed. Completely free-hand-drawn in pencil and then painted these Nike Dunks capture two parts of the animal kingdom: Tigers and Zebras. Even though they don’t live in the same habitats a tiger most certainly would entertain eating a zebra. Swaves painted the two striped mammals with the tagline for which they tend to represent on most all occasions, zebra as prey and tiger as predator. The white pair was originally created in 2010 with a new white on black take for a recent customer request.

Checkout more work from Swaves and order your own animal kingdom custom sneaker via his site: CustomSwaves.com and follow him on Twitter: @CustomSwaves

The original Predator vs. Prey Nike Dunks by Swaves in 2010