No Place Like Home GPS Enabled Stamp Shoes by Dominic Wilcox

Not many movies yet to be made will have the impact like that of The Wizard of Oz. The inspiration of this project happened to be the movies star, Dorothy and how she could click her ruby red slippers together to go home. Inventor Dominic Wilcox was commissioned by the Global Footprint Project in Northhamptonshire to create shoes for their upcoming art show. From his inspiration Dominic came up with GPS enable footwear to help navigate you to anywhere you wish to travel. Despite the idea he needed help which came from Stamp Shoes for the actual bespoke footwear and designer Becky Stewart of for the electronics. The end result is a fully functional pair of dress shoes with GPS chip placed in the hallowed out heel of the left shoe that is activated by the clicking together of the heels. After a destination is determined in the custom software program it is loaded to the shoes via USB cable. The direction to go is communicated by LED lights embedded in the toes. Lastly the leather soles feature a hand drawn and engraved pathway graphic. What seems like a small art project could be closer to a product on shelf than you think!

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