Nike Dunk “Piet Mondrian” Custom by Swaves

Many times customizers are influenced by art created before them, in this case Swaves a fan of Piet Mondrian, set out to make a tribute to the artists’ work known as Neo-Plasticism on a pair of Nike Dunks. Nike released an official Dunk SB in 2008 based on the Dutch painter’s most recognizable grid of black lines on white separating the three primary colors. Those Dunks did not feature the exact line work of Mondrian as the lines curved with the shoes panels, most likely an issue of trademark.

The base shoe used was pretty much a perfect choice. The seemingly simple design was started by hand drawing the lines as all of his customs are made. The next step of painting the black lines and yellow, blue, and red finished them up. Despite the simplicity a close look shows the near perfection of the mirrored placement of lines and color shows meticulous planning was involved.

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