Nike Dunk “A Mind For The Mindless” Custom by @CustomSwaves

What kid hasn’t once dreamt of what it would be like to be a real life super hero? One of Swaves customers made that dream come true for a friend of hers with this comic book themed custom. What started out a simple white and yellow Dunk high now features a bright primary colorway with a super clean blue dot pattern outlining the yellow toes and lace panels. Next the back heels were painted blue with the right showing the imaginary super-hero grasping his resolute stack of textbooks. The other shoe’s back heel features the hero’s tagline hand painted in a near computer printed fashion. Here is the entire story of this custom from Swaves:

The catch phrase, “A Mind Against The Mindless” can be seen painted on the left heel and printed on the right insole. The background story, “A vocal hero with the unyielding power to bestow knowledge to those in “need”. His enemies: the shallow, the foolish, the ignorant. His weapon: the truth. And so he walks the streets armed only with his wit and his desire to vanquish the unintelligent, one hipster at a time”, is printed in its entirety on the left insole. “A Mind Against The Mindless” was chosen because his true person (who the character is fashioned after) is a very intelligent man who often finds himself frustrated by the stupidity of those around him. If at any time he were dropped in a vat of chemical waste, miraculously giving him super powers, my customer felt this is the character he would become. -Swaves

Of course a custom like this could only be a 1 of 1 but if you would love to see the idea recreated for your own superhero dream visit and see if he could create your comic book custom sneaker.