Nike Air Muscle Flight Max by @ReviveCustoms

Love your old mid 90s Nike Air Max originals that now have cloudy yellow air bubbles or crumbled midsoles? Well you could shelf the OGs and wait for Nike to retro them most likely butchering the classic cut or you could have Revive customs extend their lives. If you missed his Olympic revival The Admiral Nike Air Max 180 Pumps then let these introduce you to Evans skills. What is the often forgotten Nike Air Max from 1996 behind the More Uptempo and AM96 is the Air Muscle Max that has never been retroed by Nike. With an upper of these Air Muscle Maxes still in new condition Evan removed bulky full length Air Max soles and replaced them with a retro Air Max Flight ’89 sole. No parts of the Muscle Max upper were changed but ’96 is new again with the help of ’89, some glue(not Elmers kids) and Revive Customs.

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The original in all their Eastbay catalog glory. Image via: