Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal Classics” Custom Nike Shoes by Swaves

Earlier this Summer Michael Ward who goes by the shoe customizer name: Swaves released a Michael Jackson themed custom sneaker around the 3 year anniversary of Jackson’s death. For some time Swaves had wanted to create a tribute to the King of Pop but he ran into a creative wall. Every idea he had was too abstract or too complicated so he let it sit. After a few months it came to him: 5 pairs of custom sneakers to match the five decades of his life.

The base shoe of choice was a mostly white with a bit of red Nike Classic high tops. Sticking to a style he is known for, Swaves meticulously hand painted a repeating pattern of 4 of Jackson’s iconic “Smooth Criminal” silhouettes on both sides of each shoe. They feature the hat, glove, jacket, hair, shoes and moves that he made famous. At this point Swaves still has 3 pairs left for 3 more diehard MJ fans.

See more of Swaves work and buy the Smooth Criminal Classics via his website: CustomSwaves.com