JGoods: Booth at Magic tradeshow in Las Vegas

This time of year is where a good portion of the fashion world old and new unite in Las Vegas, Nevada for a slew of tradeshows. At these tradeshows they give the chance for brands to present upcoming collections to perspective retailers. You can not really just get in like a sporting event so often times stuff shown is not meant to be seen by the general public for some period of time. So consider this exclusive. Sneaker customizer from Minnesota, JGoods is taking the next step as a brand and creating a clothing line to complement his custom sneakers and overall sneaker and cultural interests. As well he has released a sneaker restoration kit along with his sneaker customization kit that he has had on the market for a few years now. Here is a look at the booth JGoods had at the Magic Tradeshow. A couple of these are crazy nice.

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jgoods magic booth

jgoods technicolors nike force

jgoods tearaways

jgoods restoration kit

jgoods mcfly shirt

jgoods crew line

jgoods boat shoe