@JBFcustoms X @RegularOlTy Air Jordan 1 “Venetto” Custom Q & A

jbf customs venetto cork air jordan

With teasers hitting the Internet last week it was our duty to bring an inside scoop on this interesting work by JBF Customs. The project is in fact a collaborative design effort between Jake of JBF Customs and @RegularOlTy of Leaders1354. The latest in JBF’s line of reconstructed custom sneakers these truly represents “premium” starting with a thick burgundy leather used on the toes, lace, and heel panels. The next obvious material is cork placed from the toe box, mid panels, Swooshes, tongues and upper heels. Last details of brass tipped matching laces and once again a laser engraved tongue tag featuring JBF’s branding finish off the shoes. To complete the package a handmade wooden box by RegularOlTy complete with a hand stamped copper plate makes these Jordan’s look like something you’d keep next to your finest wines.

This 1 of 1 package complete with a custom cork billed snapback is available on eBay to the highest bidder: Air Jordan 1 “Vennetto” by JBF Customs on eBay

jbf customs venetto cork air jordan

PorT: To sneakerheads the idea for making these are probably to be thought from the Cork Lebron X, but with the name and color scheme it’s obvious those may have only sparked the idea of using cork. What is “Venetto”? Do they have something to do with Italy, wine? 

JBF: The concept came more from the bordeaux 7s than anything… Bordeaux is one of France’s wine regions though, and I’m Italian… so I had to switch it to Venetto, which is one of Italy’s highest producing wine regions.  The idea for cork came from the 10s, yea.  I didn’t think it really made sense on that shoe though. Cork should be on a classic/lifestyle shoe in my opinion, not something so athletic and technical.  I also got much nicer cork from a North American company who has been producing it for over 150 years.

jbf customs venetto cork air jordan

PorT: We know RegularOlTy, owner of Leaders1354 commissioned you to make a black/red/white Python Jordan 1 how did this project come about after that pair? Do you guys have anything else planned?

JBF: Honestly Ty had sent me the base shoe for these back in like January, and we had been thinking about what to do with em for a while… I finally came up with the concept for the shoes in march sometime.  Once I shared it with Ty he was 100% behind it.  He then went and had this dope wooden box made with a hand engraved copper plaque.  We wanted to really create a whole package with this project since they’re a 1of1.

I think me n Ty both had fun with these, so I’m sure we’ll do more projects in the future.

jbf customs venetto cork air jordan

PorT: The rolled edges of the leather has become a signature look to your work, it looks perfected on these Venetto AJ1s as far as I can see. How long did it take to figure out how to do that and does it take a bit more work per pair compared to if you choose to not roll the edges?

JBF: Yea, I’m all about rolled edges haha… It gives everything such a clean, finished look.  It took a while to figure out, and still takes a few extra hours per pair to pull off right.

jbf customs venetto

PorT: Did the cork provide any difficulties or different steps as opposed to leather or snakeskin?

JBF: Cork wasn’t too bad… I’m careful with everything so it wasn’t much different.

jbf customs venetto cork air jordan

PorT: A quick glance at these via Instagram or even in person people will notice the cork and red leather. While a nice long look at all angles or photos we can see the rolled edges, straight stitching, leather sockliner, perfectly matching laces, custom wood box, and laser engraved tongue tags. Why spend time to put in the extra details like this?

JBF: I make everything as if I was going to wear it, and those are all things I appreciate in my shoes.  I like to think my clients all love the details too hahaha.

jbf customs venetto cork air jordan

PorT: Those that have been following you a while know your work has taken years to get to this point of quality. Did you have any previous experience in making things by hand or perhaps a mentor with shoe repair/cobbler experience? Have all those hours been worth it?

JBF: I didn’t have any previous experience at all, no.  I’m pretty much all self-taught.  I would absolutely say the hours have been worth it though.  I get paid to do work I’m passionate about, and that’s a rare blessing.

jbf customs venetto cork air jordan

PorT: To anyone looking to start customizing through the reconstruction process what do you think are the most important parts to learn, if not just one? Say…they are just getting started with zero experience.

JBF: I mean the whole shoe is pretty equally important I’d say.  Focus on learning how to recognize mistakes and figuring out how to fix them.

PorT: In one word give us a hint of what to expect next from JBFcustoms?

JBF: incomparable

PorT: Saw that coming. Branding works young customizers. Branding works.

Again this 1 of 1 reconstruction custom is available on eBay here: Air Jordan 1 “Vennetto” by JBF Customs on eBay or you can grab one of 12 Incomparable cork hats at JBFcustoms.com