Iron Man and War Machine Decon-Recon Custom Shoes by emmanueLabor

Earlier this year Diversitile caused quite a ruckus with their Iron Man and War Machine custom Nike Dunks enough to upset Marvel Inc. Deciding to fulfill a custom he wanted to make in 2008 emmanueLabor went a slightly different route instead of painting like the Diversitile crew he created a complete decon recon pair based completely on the helmets of Iron Man and War Machine. The front panels of the shoes are a rather tame unsuspecting red or gray. When you get a rear view is when you really get the excitement as each of the back heel panels have a metallic gold or silver leather custom cut and stitched in the shape of the helmets face. But as night falls the next level is reached with the eyes of the helmet pieces actually lighting up a bright white. Good thing EL wasn’t discouraged by Diversitile beating him to the punch and chose to go forward with this design after being re-energized by seeing 7-11’s Iron Man promotional cups.

To buy your own Iron Man customs shoes or to see more of his work visit EL’s site: