IaMmE America’s Best Dance Crew Custom Nike Dunks by Diversitile

The shoe customizing crew from Florida, Diversitile have been busy this spring. A chance encounter of someone wearing their shoes on the streets of Los Angeles by a girl named Chachi gave them the opportunity to create a 5 pair set for the dance crew IaMmE from Houston, Texas. How? Because Chachi was in that crew and that group just happened to be getting ready to be on one of the most popular dance shows: MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Now they are in the finals against ICONic Boyz! With an idea for a finger print custom sneaker already in their heads Diversitile took a look at the IaMmE logo of a finger print behind and knew now was the perfect time to go with that idea. The 5 pairs of Nike Dunk hi tops were painted black on the toeboxes, mid and ankle panels with the a closeup finger print pattern on the lace, toe and back panels in black against electric blue. To make them even louder neon magenta used on the Swooshes. Lastly each pair has some fine detailing in white on the toe area with IaMmE and the individual crew members names and logo. Definitely a cool concept because each shoes pattern is completely different but looks the same at a quick glance. You may not be able to dance like IAmMe but Diversitile is giving you the chance to dress like them as these are available for a custom order in their store.

Buy your own IaMmE Nike Dunks here: Diversitile’s Online Store and don’t forget to catch IaMmE on the last two ABDC episodes June 2nd and June 5th on MTV.