Hippie Volkswagon Bus Nike Dunk Custom Shoes by Swaves

If the original Nike Dunk was released 15 to 20 years earlier…some artistic hippie may have souped up their pair like Swaves did for a recent customer. They probably would not have looked this clean though. As a request Swaves was told the customers daughter was into everything hippie themed. Given creative freedom he combined some classic 1960s and 1970s graphics: peace signs, colorful flowers, a rainbow, a smiley face, peace & love. The entirely hand painted placement is near flawless with a classic Volkswagon logo on the back heels along with line work done in orange and white shaped like classic VW Bus front.

This isn’t Swaves first 60s-70s era like design, remember his Beatles Love Nike Dunks? He made a few of those Beatles designs but these hippie Dunks are likely a 1 of 1. If you want some similar custom kicks visit his site here: CustomSwaves.com

“This process was very different from the way I usually plan my customs. My designs are usually meticulously planned out before they are applied to a shoe, but this time (in an attempt to keep the hippie vibe alive) I simply went for it!” – Swaves