Gilbert Arenas SneakerChamp Custom Air Jordan VI Preview by Mizzee Customs

If you are a self proclaimed sneakerhead and had not heard of Gilbert Arenas and his plethora of sneakers worn this season consider this a polite awakening. Starting with the Washington Wizards and halfway through the season being traded to the Orlando Magic, Gilbert Arenas has played like a true sneaker aficionado (or a player without a brand contract), wearing around 50 different styles of shoes in everything from Air Jordans to Dolce & Gabbana high tops. Hope that the Orlando Magic win tomorrow night against the Atlanta Hawks or you may not see the rest of these customized Air Jordan VI created by Mizzee Customs for Arenas. So they could be what he wears in Game 6 or 7 of the series? Mizzee says he won’t show the full pair unless the Magic win game 5. Check back with to find out.

PaintOrThread’s Prediction: The clear soles are dyed Magic blue with silver midsoles and star pattern on the upper

Check out Gilbert Arenas’ 2010-2011 season game by game shoes here at: