“Geneva” Nike Air Force V and I Hybrid by Revive Customs

It is a shame that our favorite things deteriorate over time, then again if everything lasted forever many businesses could be obsolete or products outrageously expensive. Sneakerheads have been able to cope with this deterioration by being catered to with the retro-ing or remaking of classic sneaker models. Unfortunately not all shoes have been remade(nor are they ever as good as the originals if they are) and all we have left are the crumbling soled classics, even if they have never been used. The midsoles of shoes released in the mid 1990s and earlier made from foam will likely turn into dust if worn. So all we can do is throw them away or leave them on the shelf to be looked at? Kind of.

Leave it to the crafty and creative like Evan of Revive Customs to save a shoe whose upper is still intact.  A pair of Evan’s favorite Nike shoe, the Air Force V that came out in 1990, was showing those tell tale signs of age as a vintage Nike basketball sneaker. So as his moniker stands he revived the wearability of the white and royal blue upper of this AFV by removing the soles and replacing them with a fresh sole from the V’s Air Force predecessor, a pair of Air Force 1’s. Because a sole swap was not enough Evan hand painted a unique flower pattern on the toes mudguard that he titled “Geneva” after his grandmother, made of pink, green, and a shade of orange to match the gum soles. To complete the look he added subtle details in the way of short stripes on the back heel inspired by 1970s motorhome and RV designs, pink eyelets on the first lace holes, and pink on the stripe of the midsole. Revive is right.

To have Evan of Revive Customs save your vintage Nikes visit his website here: ReviveCustoms.com