Fallout Vault Dweller Nike Dunk Custom Shoes by Jacob Patterson

Can you imagine a post-apocalyptic world brought down by oil conflicts? That may never be a world we experience in our lifetimes but this is virtual-reality if you are a gamer in the open world role playing video game series Fallout. Titled, “Vault Dweller” these custom Nike Dunks by Jacob Patterson are based off the Fallout game series and more specifically Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas in which the main character is one of many whom is forced to live in a government contracted fallout shelter called “Vaults.” In the game each “Vault Dweller” is given a device called a PipBoy 2000 that is used to help them above ground on quests with maps, book keeping, and their exposure to toxic chemicals. To match the technological concept of a PipBoy, Patterson teamed up with customizer emmanueLabor to situate into the reconstructed tongues a set of two jail-broken Apple iPod Touches complete with sounds, music, and apps related to the Fallout series. Next level.

The painted design itself by Patterson features an overall dirty, worn, abused look with the left shoe having a soldier in Power Armor from Fallout 3 on the side contrasted by a Ranger from New Vegas on the right shoe. Because the iPods speakers couldn’t do the audio features justice Patterson custom sculpted a speaker in the shape of an fallen undetonated nuclear bomb amongst rocks and water. The amount of work alone put into that piece is a story in itself from mishaps to shoe customizer problem solving, which can all be read here via CustomSneakerForum.com. In the end it became a project that took Patterson over a year and a half but has an end result of a cornerstone in his artistic career and custom sneakers in general. Taking the possibilities with custom sneakers to well beyond just another pair of shoes.

Checkout more work and commission your own custom shoes from Jacob Patterson via: JacobPatterson.Tumblr.com