Diversitile’s “Cease” Custom Nike Dunks in a 1 of 1 Blue Version

Florida based shoe customizers Diversitile Custom Clothing had an interesting year with their take on an custom Iron Man Sneaker, that eventually had to be released under another name due to trademark issues. That other names were “Cease” and “Desist” and instead of red and gold and silver they were white and black. But the beauty of custom shoes is that they can really be made in any color, and here you have the “Cease” Nike Dunks made in a blue and silver 1 of 1 colorway. Same as before a metallic faux metal upper with the LED light up tongues a la the famous arc reactor. I think orange would be cool to see, maybe purple?

To order your own “Cease” Nike Dunks visit Diversitile’s website here: www.Diversitile.com