Delta Air Force 1 Custom Shoes by Lazy

Sometimes a custom sneaker’s inspiration isn’t always obvious. For these Delta Air Force 1 customs by Lazy a unique concept is perhaps what his customer wanted. A quick glance may not seem like these are much but any Nike shoe afficianado will realize the sole and upper don’t match up. Using an Olympic Air Force 1 from 2004 Lazy unstitched and removed the soles to replace them with those from a same sized Dunk. The Air Force 1 upper and Dunk sole has never been an official release from Nike but there has been a few sample pairs seen in the hands of a select few. The preciseness of an Exact-o knife and steady hand was used to carve out Delta on the silver Swooshes and SUP EME World Famous on the toe box. Lastly a thin fleece like material was placed on the toe panel to match the back panels fleece material. Subtle but detailed to those in the know.

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