Cookie Monster Custom Shoes: PimpMyKicks versus Diversitile

Who is your favorite Sesame Street character? If it happens to be Cookie Monster you’re in for a treat. Recently PimpMyKicks and Diversitile each created a pair of Nike Dunks based on that cookie eating blue furred monster. Each pair has some similarities such as the use of Cookie Monster’s googly eyes and obviously cookies. But differences included more of a classic cartoon look on the pair by PimpMyKicks who painted an image of the Cookie Monster on the side along with some cartoon cookies on the mid panel. Diversitile also put cookies on the mid panel but went the next step and made the entire side and toe panels look and feel like a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven. They also used the faux horse fur Dunks that have blue fur on the back panels to go along with the concept of look and texture. Supposedly the pair by Diversitile also has a strange, cool, and mmmmm feature all in one… the actual shoes SMELL like fresh oven baked chocolate chip cookies. I guess we can only imagine looking at them online. Which pair would you wear?

For your own Cookie Monster custom shoes checkout each brands website here: or

Dunks by PimpMyKicks

“Nom nom nom” Dunks by Diversitile