“Cease” Custom Nike Dunk by Diversitile Custom Clothing

What do you do when “the man” is trynna keep you down in the custom sneaker game? Change up the colors and remove the trademarked name so you can service the wants and desires of your fans. That is what the crew Diversitile Custom Clothing did in response to receiving a cease and desist order from Marvel Comics for trying to sell a set of Iron Man inspired custom Nike Dunks . This pair is the first of a set called “Cease and Desist”, clever, ahey? Going away from the all metallic red, gold, and white light these custom Nike Dunks have a dark stealth black and super chrome silver upper with a poignant purple light on the tongue. Complete with on and off switch the lights will last up to 200 hours on one set of replaceable batteries. The “Desist” pair is set to release this week.

Take THAT “the man”! Sincerely creative artists and dedicated fans of your superheroes just trying to make a bit of money with their creativity and ART. I mean gosh was the $312 million from Iron Man 2 just not enough?

These Cease Custom Nike Dunks are available on a limited basis at Diversitile.com