Brown and Blue Octopus Custom Slip On Shoes by Ran Brown

The only way these could be a cooler couple of custom shoes would be if they were actually painted with an octopus’ ink. The artist, Ran Brown, says the process was “messy”, but I doubt that was because she had to source her own octopus ink and went with the usual combination of markers and acrylic paint. Of course if PETA got wind of someone using a sea creatures ink they might have something to say about that. What started out as a generic canvas slip ons are now a completely custom illustrated set of sinister looking octopus sneakers with tentacles spread over both shoes. Created all in an afternoon.

This pair is also one of the seldom seen designs on that was created by someone that doesn’t necessarily list “shoe customizer” on their resume. Yet she still lives creatively day to day as a freelance cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer on top of a twice-weekly webcomic called, The End.
Which once again proves a blank pair of footwear as a legitimate canvas in its own right.

Checkout more art from Ran or contact her for a pair of your own custom shoes via her website: