Ad Kicks by @illiferandez: Custom Shoes for Agency Creatives

With all the talk of unemployment in the US at all time highs a difficult industry to have a job right out of college or even a year or two is of that in advertising and marketing. Every ad agency someone applies to is different. Some agencies might look for those that creatively submit resumes and portfolios while others may look for which applicant and record of work fits their style with what they need. As a “creative” how should you apply?

Chicago advertising professional Illi Ferandez chose to step outside the resume email and into the shoebox to get her name out. As a recent graduate from The Chicago Portfolio School she picked a few art directors at different agencies in Chicago and New York and researched their life stories. Then she painted four pairs of basic canvas shoes each completely different and representative to that specific directors interests and life path. The directors chosen were Tim Nolan of BHH Labs, Michael Boychuk of Leo Burnett, Kevin Flatt of Cramer-Krasselt, and Kevin Lynch of Energy BBDO/Proximity. Seen below the custom painted shoes are all unique ranging in subject from skating to Indian and Ukrainian art to Leviathan’s projection cubes to Michigan State University.

Surely this effort can show some agency Illi’s skills and potential landing her a job doing what she loves. Check out the full site dedicated to the project to see one of the best presentations of custom sneakers ever seen by PaintOrThread at: and follow her on Twitter: @illiferandez