2011 NBA All Star Nike Dunk Customs by JBF and emmanueLabor

This is the best weekend of the year, NBA All Star Weekend 2011. The cold of winter heats up with basketball festivities of the celebrity game, Rookie vs. Sophomore game on Friday night, of course the Saturday night line up of the 3 point and dunk contests, with the weekend peaking as the East and West All Stars take the court. To celebrate this weekend two customizers from the East and West collaborated on a set of two decon-recon Nike Dunk lows based on the All Star team’s respective colors. JBF from Cleveland representing the East with blue and emmanueLabor from Seattle representing the West with red. Dang man! Cleveland and Seattle two cities that have seen the worst of the worst when it comes to NBA activity the past few years. I know emmanueLabor is probably not thinking anything about his former Seattle Supersonics as you can follow him on Twitter @emmanueLabor while he spends the rest of his weekend in LA for the game.

The two customizers known for their decon-recon skills brought together a mirrored decon-recon design in their regions colors that started with taking apart an original Dunk and using nothing but the sole: lenticular back heels, toe boxes, and Swooshes that transition between red/white and blue/black, stars stitched against a one piece black patent leather on the side uppers and black midsoles with matching gum and clear soles. Which is your favorite? I’ll have to say JBF’s blue as it could also be pulled off as an Orlando Magic colorway. If you like either pair they could be your 1 of 1 sneakers for $500 a pair or $800 for the set, email JBF here: blaise28[at]gmail[dot]com. Both pairs are size 11.

For more from JBF and emmanueLabor visit their websites here: JBFCustoms.com & emmanueLabor.com

East Blue All Star Dunks by JBF

West Red All Star Dunks by emmanueLabor