The Walking Dead Nike Air Max 90 Custom Shoes by Laptop Lasane

The cult followings of zombies is way cooler than the pop culture phenomenon of vampires in recent years, right? Taking inspiration from a certain Warhawk Nike Air Max 90 released in 2007 Laptop Lasane decided to use the concept with a different kind of teeth and not exactly a full set. The rotted mouth look is to represent zombies from the Robert Kirkman comic book, and of course the AMC television show both known as The Walking Dead. To accentuate the teeth a combination of deep purple, red, and black was painted around the midsole and bottom. The rest of the upper was covered in a rotten skin looking brown-fleshy mix doused in a red blood and grime splatter. A subtle touch of Glow-in-the-Dark green was added on the swooshes and teeth. Just like Jest3r’s American Vintage Dunk posted yesterday this is a personal pair that will only get better:

[quote]”I can’t wait to beat these up because they’ll look like “walkers” who have been roaming around for a long time.” -Laptop Lasane[/quote]

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