Nike Air “Spurs” Unlimited by Jai Cruz of Revive Customs


Revive Customs has been expanding their company as of late. Jai Cruz is now the head of the Revive Restorations department and is making his official debut with this restoration/sole swap of a pair of 1994 Nike Air Unlimiteds. Jai swapped the old soles and replaced them with fresh ones from a pair of Emerald Nike Air Force 180s. Jai used the Deep Emerald hits of the shoe as inspiration and painted the uppers with the vintage logo of the San Antonio Spurs, three horizontal “paint swipes” of emerald, bright pink, and mango that signified the vibrant personality of the city and honored the strong Mexican/Chicano population.

Ghettrocentricity: Nike Windrunners “vintage-ized”

Yeah we just made up a word “vintage-ized” and Ghettrocentricity made these customs. Insane use of a vintage Nike piece for the fabric, genius (Too bad Nike can’t come up with that idea!). Better yet under the purple, green, and blue fabric is reflective 3m Scotchlite material! The splatter matches perfect as well in color and layout! Ghettro……still one of the best in the game. Check it!

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