SBTG x Kobe Bryant x Nike Dunk Varsity Bones

SBTG’s work has been paying off lately. In his words:

I had the privilege of meeting NBA superstar Kobe Bryant in person last Wednesday. Nike invited me to do a shoe for him to commemorate the Singapore leg of his 2009 Asian Tour. Meeting up with him at the Nike Wisma store was definitely an overwhelming experience for me and everyone else who came out to see him. What an honor to have met a true NBA champion up close and personal.

SBTG’s Website

Luxury4Play x SBTG / Royalefam x Cadillac Escalade

Now I know exactly what I’ll will do once I get a chance to make a shoe with a sneaker company…..put the same design on a car. I remember seeing some other car customizing done based off the infamous “elephant print” and Air Jordan but this Cadillac Escalade based off the design SBTG created for Nike SB a few years back is even weirder. In a good way though. Seriously how many customizers would do the same thing if they had the chance? Most. Though this wasn’t created directly by SBTG but by a fan….a very dedicated fan. This is much better than one of them McDonald’s, Trix, or Reese’s “donks” too so don’t hate.