PaintorThread Custom Contest: #1 Sponsored By Fully Laced

The beginning of something great, our first custom shoe contest. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. All entries due by May 31, 2009. For complete details and guidelines click: HERE!


Email [email protected] at least 3 pictures of your own complete customized pair of shoes by May 31, 2009, along with description, customizer name, website, or any other information you think is necessary. This is only for actual shoes, any photoshopped entries will not be accepted. We must also be able to decipher that you actually customized the shoes; if we determine they are not your work they will be denied. 1 entry PER PERSON/Customizer tag name. (Your friends cannot enter your pairs, neither will be accepted)Both shoes must be completed. We also have the right to deny any shoe for certain reasons: no pornographic images, drug paraphernalia, etc.

How we will determine a winner:
Judges are made up of 1 representative from each: PaintorThread, Fully Laced, Breezy Excursion, IC3, LimbxLimb, and Adapt. As well we will accept votes from the general public through email that follow our guidelines to be posted once all shoes are posted for display on Public votes will be totaled and points will be awarded to those with the most votes. So feel free to have friends and family send votes. Though the final total of public votes will only be a portion of the final winners score.
Judges will vote based on criteria below. Giving each a 1-10, 10 being highest, 1 lowest:
– originality
– how clean the work is
– subject matter
-flow of design (does it clash, too much on one shoe, not enough on one shoe?)
– overall sickness
Each shoe will have all 5 criteria totaled together for each judge, and the final shoe with the highest criteria will be our winner.

1st place: 12 pairs of Fully Laced shoelaces of your choice + 1 Fully Laced t-shirt
2nd place: 5 pairs of Fully Laced shoelaces of your choice
3rd place: 1 pair of Fully Laced shoelaces of your choice
Forever listed as the winner of the first Contest on the Contest/winners page
Winners announced in June 2009
Questions or comments: send to [email protected] subject: Contest