Chucky Good Guys Doll Child’s Play Nike Dunk Shoes by Diversitile

The Diversitile Custom Clothing crew out of Florida starts off 2011 with a solid paint and fabric combo custom sneaker with these highly detailed Nike Dunks. If you could not tell by the distinct features these custom Nike Dunks are based off the former Good Guys Doll named Chucky from the movie Child’s Play. The original movie debuted in 1988 with a doll, placed under a voodoo spell by a serial killer whose soul brought the toy to life for 5 different movies. Wrecking havoc in the in the first 3 Child’s Play movies he was stitched back together in the 4th installment, Bride of Chucky. Instead of putting Chucky’s ugly face on the kicks Diversitile opted to cover the toes with that bruised, stitched, scarred and bandaged skin like Chucky’s face. The little terror’s outfit is represented in the striped mid panel like his shirt and jean coveralls in the denim added to the back heels and lace panels complete with pockets and red buttons. Further reassurance of the inspiration is seen from the knife silhouettes on the side toe panel and the blood splattered white Swooshes. Oh and don’t forget the shoebox made to look like the actual bright yellow Good Guys Doll box.

These are a 1 of 1 pair but to have Diversitile make you custom shoes based on your favorite horror movie visit their site here: