Carbon Fiber Bugatti Air Max Lebron VII by Mizzee Customs

There has been some recent deconstructed and reconstructed custom sneakers with carbon fiber textured material, but have you ever seen its woven contrasting color effect painted so cleanly in so many shades? 5 different shades of black, silver, and gray? Taking inspiration from the fact that Lebron James said he dreams of owning a carbon fiber Bugatti Veyron, Mizzee Customs found the perfect base shoe to go with that dream and the red and white Bugatti logo: the Nike Air Max Lebron VII in cool gray/red. What were originally a patent leather gray toe and Nike Flywire side panel have been painted using an air brush after a bit of masking and stencil placement. The Bugatti distinction comes into play with some text stenciling in the founder’s intials EB on the back heels and across the tongue tag reminiscent of the Bugatti oval logo. If you ain’t got the $1,000,000 for the ride show your pride with shoes, right?…………..Lebron?

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