Calvin and Hobbes Custom Nike Blazer Shoes by Jacob Patterson

Custom sneakers like these are what make “custom sneakers.” As a shoe customizer, artist, or someone that does anything even slightly creative what was the thing that got you started? For Los Angeles based shoe customizer Jacob Patterson that thing was the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. To show his thanks Patterson created a tribute in this pair of Calvin and Hobbes themed Nike Blazers. The previously all white Blazers feature two fan fiction comics Patterson painted, wrote, and illustrated himself that appear as if they were ripped right out of the pages of any Calvin and Hobbes book. The imagination of Calvin is captured as close as it possibly could be: dreaming up some far fetched idea and it coming true in his mind even if reality wasn’t so.

Each lateral side features the strips in classic black on white styling while the medial sides of the shoes showcase the detailed images of Calvin’s imagination that Bill Watterson presented readers every so often. Those images Patterson created of Calvin’s imagination are him as one of his alter egos, Spaceman Spiff flying through space and Michael Jordan in the iconic 1988 NBA Dunk contest free throw line dunk picture complete with his white/cement Nike Air Jordan IIIs.

The best thing though may just be how the story relates to most any sneaker enthusiasts that grew up in the 1990s as an 80s baby and ties together two things that got their start around the same time in 1985, Jordan and Calvin. Both comics are a must read that you can find here: Jacob Patterson Calvin and Hobbes Comic 1 and Comic 2. Large prints of each are available by contacting Patterson with the title “Calvin and Hobbes Print” via his website here: JacobPattersonArt Contact. A pair of customs such as this that presents a theme and builds something with the viewers are what makes up the best of custom shoes.

Checkout more work from Patterson via his site:

Fan fiction comic by Jacob Patterson. Full view HERE

Fan fiction of Calvin imagining himself as MJ by Jacob Patterson. Full view HERE