Air Jordan 11 Black Out Customizations by Mache and El Cappy

Back in February images surfaced of a sample all black Air Jordan 11 (XI) supposedly apart of the 1-23 Blackout collection. During that same week a pair in size 10.5 was sold on eBay for $11,000. Yes, $10g’s + one more g. Considering past “collections” of all the Air Jordans one through twenty three in a similar color good chances are these will be hard to come by. That is unless you want to change up a pair of your Concord 11s.

Two customizers on top of their games this year have taken on this “blackout” customization to a couple pairs of last December’s Air Jordan XI “Concord” Retro. El Cappy created his way back in February when the sample images surfaced and Mache Customs in the past few weeks. The previously white uppers made of mesh and leather were made black, likely by a combination of dye and paint. Black uppers are nothing new to the AJ XI, but the addition of a black midsole is something only officially seen on a “referee sample” XI low from around 1996. Would you rather black out your Concord 11 or hope and cross your fingers and pay a reseller too much to get the official Blackout Collection 11?

This pair by El Cappy appears to have a bit of a black tint to the clear soles as the samples do. Checkout more work from this sneaker customizer at

Air Jordan 11 Blackout Custom (1)

Mache opted to not tint the soles and created this pair for himself and already stated he won’t be making anymore. Checkout more of his sneaker customizations at

Air Jordan 11 Blackout Custom (2)

Air Jordan 11 Blackout Custom (3)