Yoa Knows!: Tiger Woods “JUST DID IT” Custom Supras

A recent client of mine had quite the sense of humor when it came to doing the Tiger Woods “JUST DID IT” Supras. There is a portrait of Tiger Woods and his SUV lodged up in the grass on the outside of the left shoe, and then his wifey ready to strike with the golf club coming around from the inside of the shoe. The right shoe hosts portraits of the 11 alleged mistresses of Mr. Tiger Woods (though I hear more are surfacing) and on the inside of this shoe it says JUST DID IT, in the Nike font. The shoes are finished off  real golf balls to hold the laces in place.  I know a lot of you might be thinking these would be well suited for a Nike, but my client is a big supra fan and it’s fun to poke a little at Nike.