Yoa Knows!: Spotted on the Street

I was sitting outside of a train station the other day when suddenly I saw a pair of my customs walk by.  Being that this was the first time I’d ever seen this, my attention was immediately grabbed.  I knew the customer I did this pair for, so these were definitely fakes.  Not the ideal way I’d like to see my designs strolling by, but I still thought it was pretty effing funny.  So I approached the middle aged woman who was wearing them and asked her if I could photograph her shoes.  She was confused, alarmed, possibly irritated..haha.  But she let me snap a pic on my phone.  I tried to explain to her how I was the artist who did the original design and those were fakes made of them.  She was confused and just kept saying how hard it was for her to find them.  Silly, silly woman…

And while on the topic of fakes…I found a few others of mine that had been faked recently…some more detailed pairs which shocked me.  The MAD Hatters have to be about the worst yet, so completely off.  The images are reversed on the inside and the outside of the shoe and artwork is whoa. They didn’t do so bad with the Don’t Sweat It though.

Pic of the strolling fakes…

More images at the site: http://www.superdunks.com/nike-dunk-high-mad-hatter-rabbit-blue