Yoa Knows! Custom Nike Shoes for Google Employee

A few months back I did a pair of shoes for a client who works for Google.  I didn’t get around to posting them up because I mostly only post personal pieces because I have a much stricter portfolio for what I show the public.  I recently found them on numerous sites coined the “Shoeglers” by my client, not really giving me credit for the work, so I figured I’d post them in one of  the best places for custom sneaker followers, Paint or Thread.  He was actually able to get Larry to sign them so if you Google “shoegler” you can see his picture of my sneakers with the signature.

Just to give you a few background details on the shoes, my client was very particular about the design, even sending me pantone swatches to make sure I got the Google colors just right.  The braille you see on the back is actually 3-d and touchable.  Each tongue tag has the face of the founders.

So without further ado, here are the real pics.