Rap group Buckwheat Groats knows how to make a body gooooood.  So good, that their debut video “Dinner Table Game” made it onto the front page of Funny or Die.  I caught up with Penis Bailey to get a lil’ background info from him.  Here’s what the chef had to say “Penis Bailey and Lil Dinky rose from a pile of turds in the 1420s. 23 years later, in 2010, they formed a rap group called Buckwheat Groats. Endorsed by the Supreme Lord Satan, they have had extra marital butt-relations with many people’s aunts, and they are best friends.”

Though in truth they are just two “idiot NYU grads” who’ve had it in their dreams to be famous rappers since the ripe ol’ age of 23.  Chicken, strippers, social work and Evan Williams whiskey make up a typical day in the neighborhood for these crazy cats.

This is only the beginning for Buckwheat Groats so…..

Shut the f**k up and check out the video at Funny or Die  ‘cause this definitely calls for some randiness:

Lyrics by Penis Bailey The Bailey Produced by Lil’ Dinky & Fatty Eisenhower Photographed by John Francis McCarthy Additional photography by Ethan Blum Motion Graphics by Joe Fennimore