Year of the Dragon Nike Lebron 9 Customs by Proof Culture

Before you get all upset and say but Nike already came out with the “Year of the Dragon” Lebron 9, look at these photos. There is nothing wrong with giving a theme your own take, as that IS the heart of “customization.” Enough. Proof Culture was given a pair of the black/red Lebron 9 by a customer to do “something cool” to. After some brainstorming, three mockups, and probably at least ten customizing hours later this custom Year of the Dragon is done.

To start the red parts were unchanged except for that added detail on the back heel and the midsole. The relatively all black upper and midsole of the shoes were given a bright neon green paint job, a classic “dragon” color. But it is the details that really make them YOTD. First the tongues each feature a classic chinese dragon hand painted image. Next the back heel tabs have chinese calligraphy in red against a gold glitter background that matches the gold added to the Swooshes and King James logo. The best detail is probably on the coolest part of the Lebron 9, the “wing” eyelets feature a dragon scale pattern in the aforementioned colors.

Proof Culture will be making this epic design on only 12 pairs. You can get yours and a clean wooden custom box to boot via their site:

What the Lebron 9 black/red looked like before ProofCulture got a hold of them: