Xbox-inspired shoes do nothing, cost $2,500

“Xbox-inspired shoes do nothing, cost $2,500” is the title Yahoo! News gave the previously mentioned Sole Junkie Nike Dunk Xbox themed customs. So we knew and posted about these way back during the early May  Sneaker Pimps out in California. This week the shoes get thrown on eBay with a hefty Buy it Now price of $2,500.  Next they get noticed by and upset a bunch of nerdy video gamers. Finally, today Sole Junkies customs get the attention of Yahoo! and make front page news. Yahoo! even interviewed Sole Junkie for the article. But WOW….double u oh double u…WOW! The hate and whinning in the comments of the Yahoo! article is INSANE. Definitely worth the read of all 350+ 500+ comments. Most of it is because of the price. But all I can say is genius move by Sole Junkie this week, Yahoo! front page is viewed by MILLIONS, definitely some of the best mainstream shine a customizer has ever recieved. Expect it to be on THOUSANDS of other blogs heck maybe even some of that old media stuff like newspapers and television news just because of Yahoo! Hopefully he makes good use of it.

Yahoo! article