WTF Dunk High SB Custom Painted by Mache

Back in 2007 Nike SB released a Nike Dunk titled “What the Dunk?” made up of a mash-up of some of the most popular SB Dunks up to that point. The WTDunks? were covered in everything from tye dye to elephant print to stars to croc skin and suede. In an attempt to test if he still has his customizing skills Dan Gamache aka Mache painted this high top version he calls WTF Dunk. Two years have passed by since Mache last made a custom shoe and anyone clueless about Nike Dunk SBs would probably think Mache has lost it looking at these. Any SB nerd would likely disagree. 12 different Dunk SB’s were used as a different section. Can you name them all? Fready Kreugers, Unkles, Pusheads, Red Lobsters, Statue of Liberty, Hawaii, White and black Melvins, De La Soul Hi, Royalefams, Peacocks and the MF Dooms. How do these match up with the original What The Dunks?

Contact Mache via email to commission your own custom sneaker: gamache_dj[at]yahoo[dot]com