Workspace Wednesday: Lauren Luna Ltd.

The end result of a sweet pair of custom kicks is of course being able to see the finished product in all their glory. What the public rarely gets to see, for any type of artist, is where the creative magic happens. That is where this new PaintOrThread weekly feature fills the void: Workspace Wednesdays. Each week will showcase a look into a different customizers place of customizing.

To kickoff this inside look the first featured customizer is Lauren Luna of her self titled brand Lauren Luna Ltd. Sometime last year Lauren took her customizing business from Ohio to Texas where she is currently located in the city of Houston. During that transition she manufactured and released her own line of self branded original heels. The shots below showcased the custom painted option almost ready to be sent out to her customers orders and to shops as samples. If you ladies or you guys with a women is the market for a clean pair of heels checkout her site: and visit next week for a look into where another customizer gets down.

Lauren rolling ink with a brayer for a printmaking project

“My Ohio studio was in my basement but exploded up into the kitchen and dining room.” -Lauren Luna