Wings of The Future Air Max 1 by Kurtzastan

Four years after it’s initial release, the Wings of The Future Air Jordan 1 is revived upon the original Nike Air Max. As the styled AJ 1 was a official release from Jordan designed by artist Dave White, known for his signature sneaker paintings, it was an instantly anticipated release. This painted pair of Nike Air Max 1 by Kurtzastan Custom Kicks remade the look quite spot on from the black painted toes that splatter into a star pattern to the stippled stripes. Touches of elephant print and even red accent stitching on the tongue tags leave these as one of the better color swap style customizations to be seen.

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dave-white-jordans-air-max-1-kurtzastan-custom-kicks-4dave-white-jordans-air-max-1-kurtzastan-custom-kicks-3  dave-white-jordans-air-max-1-kurtzastan-custom-kicks