Wing Stop Nike Dunk Custom Sneakers by the IGIC

Expressing one’s love for food can take on many forms such as an Instagram account full of #foodie shots to tattooing your favorite restaurant on your body or name dropping in your albums latest single. In a way this custom sneaker combines two of the aforementioned photo sharing app’s popular subjects: food and sneakers. Dallas, TX based restaurant chain Wing Stop worked with theIGIC to get down on the classic Nike Dunk with their old school aviation inspired branding.

What started out as the perfect combination of a white and dark green Nike Dunk Hi first received a rustic finish upon the formerly green leather toe cap and lace panels as a call to the restaurants interior airplane hangar styling. Next the lateral heel areas of both shoes were painted with the detailed Wing Stop logo, the right with a dark green over spray look while the left had a similar design over fading streaks of a green. The coolest part though has to be how Wing Stop’s brown paper carryout bags typically used to eat their hot chicken wings and famous fries on the go, were stitched into the tongues.

You can check more custom sneaker work from theIGIC on Instagram: @theIGIC and do yourself a flavor and find the nearest Wing Stop near you at: and share your obsession with “The Wing Experts” on Twitter @WingStop

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