What The Shackles Adidas Superstar by eXpression Airbrush

Collaborations between big big corporate brands in the same category is usually saved for our imaginations. For example I doubt Pepsi and Coke will ever release a joint venture soda. In all liklihood Nike will never work with Adidas either…..but what if each of their most unique and newsworthy shoes in recent years were a collaboration? Well this “What the Shackles” by eXpression Airbrush may have been the result. The “What the Dunk” Nike SB release was recreated on a pair of Adidas Adicolor Superstars but instead of stopping there an idea from the recent controversially canceled Adidas Roundhouse “HandCuffs” by Jeremy Scott were thrown into the mix.

“The idea for the what the dunk version on the shoe came from my client, however, I was a little hesitant to do it until he gave me artistic freedom to put my twist, hence the shackle. You may think interesting, yes, controversial and over the top, yes. It maybe outrageous and overwhelming. All of these things are with purpose, but random, not necessarily. Everything about this shoe is anything but simple.

When I took on this commission I knew many would hate it. Simply because of the brand and because it would be sort of impostor shoe, a fake, a wanna be. And then the Adidas shackles never made it to production. What ever Jeremy Scotts intentions were in creating the shackles I do not know but It’s sad to say that in this day and age all it takes is one person to say, “Witch!!!” and everyone jumps on board. So right then and there it became clear to me that these custom being what they already were, an Adidas impostor, needed the shackles. It is the perfect base an Adidas adicolor in a special case with full set of colors which implies that the owner has the freedom to customize this pair however they please, ironically giving the power to break the shackles of social slavery.” – Robert of eXpression Airbrush

This intricate pair is a 1 of 1 that will stay that way but to see more work or commission your own 1 of 1 visit eXpression Airbrush on Facebook.com/expressionairbrush

Adidas What The Shackles (1)

Adidas What The Shackles (2)

Adidas What The Shackles (3)

Adidas What The Shackles (4)

Adidas What The Shackles (5)

Adidas What The Shackles (6)

Adidas What The Shackles (7)