What the 90s? Nike Air Command Force by District Customs

1990 meets 2015 in this Nike Air Command Force by District Customs. A popular theme in sneaker customization the past couple years has been that of the What The …..? designs that typically mash up the patterns and colorways of a specific sneakers releases of that year or multiple years. In most instances the elements of each sneaker clash and give off a completely confused looking finished product. We can say this rendition goes a different route taking inspiration from the patterns and vibes of the 1990s.

Titled “What the 90s?” this design by District brings together at least 14 different perspectives of graphic design during the last decade of the 20th century. The 1990 retro base shoe itself in the Command Force offered plenty of space for everything from a Trapper Keeper reminiscent print to popular TV shows of The Fresh Prince and Nickleodeon’s All That. All hand painted with help from an air brush in certain panels.

More work and inquires on your own What the ….? pair of custom sneakers from District can be found on Instagram: @DistrictCustoms202 and his site: www.DistrictCustoms.com

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