Weekley Methamphibian Throwback

Last week we showed you his denim customs that arguably started a revolution. Well these had just as big an impact, maybe even more. Methamphibian’s Dunk low with added Air Trainer I straps and carbon fiber from the black/orange CF Dunks. Seriously when these were posted up kids went nuts. Amazing, nothing like this had really been done in customizing up to that point. Now straps are all over customs. But these are beyond the custom game. Hybrids are all over the shoe game. These were the first significant “hybrid” design that had anything to do with Nike. There was a somewhat controversial rumor that the Dunk/Free/Trainer was ripped off the design of these and that someone at Stussy had seen these and thats how the Nike official release version got started. Again, no respect towards Methamphibian from Nike. Sad, he did a lot for that company but never got truly recognized by them. But we’re are just sayin.

Methamphibian’s Website