“Walk Like An Egyptian” Custom Nike Blazer Shoes by Impeccable Customs

Boston, Massachusetts based shoe customizer Impeccable Scoop went to look for inspiration thousands of years back in time from the Egyptian deity, Horus with these custom Nike Blazers titled “Walk Like An Egyptian”. Known as the the god of the Sky, god of War and god of Protection Horus stood for many things in Ancient Egyptian religion. Scoop took 3 key parts of the Horus’ depictions as a falcon-headed man and placed them on different parts of these custom Nike Blazers. The first being the Swooshes painted gold and engraved to match the look of Horus’ spread wings. 2nd are the eyes on the back heel tab known as the “Wadjet” meaning “whole one” which is a symbol of protection being the Eye of Horus aka “the all seeing eye”. Lastly the lace panels were engraved and painted red, blue, green, and gold in a pattern Scoop created to match the design of the headdress on the Horus chain Kanye West wore in the music video for his 2010 single titled “Power”. Custom shoes as a history lesson.

To buy these customized “Walk Like An Egyptian” Nike Blazers in your size visit Scoop’s webstore here: ShopImpeccable.com