VMFootwear Painted Kevin Hart’s Portrait on His Hustle Hart Nikes

In 2016 Nike broke new ground in the way of promoting their sneakers. Typically choosing people who are professional athletes in some aspect to endorse their products, Nike added healthy lifestyle living, world’s most famous, highest grossing comedian Kevin Hart to its roster of endorsees. Hart’s first shoe the Trainer Instinct, nicknamed the Hustle Hart, was ready for workouts in function and form being full of motivational quotes. Now a year later a pair of the signature kicks feature Hart’s portrait on one shoe and his HartBeat company logo on the other.

The work of VijayMehmi of VMFootwear, this pair is the most recent 1 of 1 customization the artist has released. Mehmi has a portfolio of numerous amazing detailed custom sneakers featuring portraits of names like Sylvester Stalone to Ed Sheeran to Floyd Mayweather. The first colorway of Hart’s kicks in red/white/gold was fittingly used as the base sneaker. Within just an hour or two that Mehmi shared these on his Instagram page they were already on the radar of Mr. Hart who liked the photo and sent a DM. That is likely a very redeeming feeling as Mehmi described them as “Seriously the hardest shoes to paint portraits on.”

More insane portrait sneaker customizations from VM can be checked out on Instagram @VMFootwear

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